Creating and maintaining an authentic Christian school is a journey, not an event. 

This is the "Puritan Circle of Knowledge." 1) God creates all things. 2) Humans learn about what God has created. 3) Humans use what they have discovered to imitate God through producing "secondary creations" out of His primary creation. 4) God is glorified through human occupations of all kinds, from carpentry to cytotechnology (the microscopic study of cells to detect cancer and other irregularities).

The Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project [WRAP] helps "the circle of knowledge" to come alive--and stay alive.

What principals are saying:

“If we could go back and make a different choice, I would make the same choice [to participate in the WRAP]. The rewards of implementation have far exceeded the amount of work.”

“[The WRAP] offers practical application tools that I have not seen in other such programs.”

 “I would do [the WRAP] again without hesitation.”

Watch teachers, staff and principals at Lighthouse Christian School, Gig Harbor, Washington, share about their experience with the WRAP:

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What teachers are saying:

“This project is the future of Christian education. It is powerful!”

“All Christian schools need this to be their staff development so that schools across the U.S. and the world can be teaching with solid Biblical integration.”

“If every Christian school could teach in this way, it would transform Christian education.”

“My classroom discussion and content have truly been transformed.”

Below is an interview with leaders of a WRAP school in Jos, Nigeria:

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